Credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards and bank cards are more popular than they every have been. A recent survey found that the average person in the UK has in excess of six different cards in their purse or wallet.

Losing your credit or debit card can be an extremely stressful and distressing time. Regardless of whether the card was accidentally lost or was unfortunately stolen, you will want to notify the card provider to cancel the card and order a replacement as soon as possible. As well as preventing fraud, this provides peace of mind that your personal details and finances are safe.

It is believed that on average, every day thousands of people call to report a card lost or stolen. So don’t panic, your not alone and these companies are well used to dealing with people reporting their bank cards as being lost of stolen.

About Lost Cards

The Lost-Cards.co.uk call logging and recording service offers a independent call connection and tracking service. Using our service ensures that details about the call are available after the call is complete. We accept no liability of the use of the call logs or recordings. It Is illegal to make the contents of the communication available to a third party without the consent of all parties active on the call. Lost-Cards.co.uk is not associated with any government, official body or company who appears on our site, nor do we offer any similar services or products. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Please check with the bill payer before making any calls.

What Should You Do If Your Card is Lost or Stolen?

If your credit or debit card gets lost or stolen don’t worry, this is more common that you might thing. That’s why all UK banks and card providers make the process of reporting, cancelling and replacing any stolen or lost credit cards and debit cards really simple. What is important is to let the provider know that your card has been lost or stolen as soon as possible.

When you call them you will need to confirm your identify and they will cancel the card(s) with immediate effect and a replacement card will be automatically send in the post. Delivery time varies but typically you should receive it within 2-5 working days. Remember if there is ever a dispute as to when you made the call, you can use our free call tracking and recording service where we can provide call logs as evidence of when you made the call. (Please note that call recording is available by prior arrangement only).

Why Use Lost-Cards.co.uk?

Lost-Cards.co.uk provide a ‘one click’ call service that connects you instantly tor credit / debit card company. As well as providing a fast and simple way to find and call the card company or bank you require, Lost-Cards.co.uk also offer a free call logging and, by prior arrangement, call recording service. When you call to report your cedit or debit card lost or stolen using one of our 0843 numbers, the details of your call are automatically stored in our database. Don’t worry, no personal details are kept, only details like:

  • Phone number called from
  • Phone number dialed
  • Bank or Credit Card company phone number connected to
  • Time and Date of Call
  • Call Duration
  • Call connection confirmation

Credit Card Stolen?

In addition to reporting your card as stolen to the credit card company immediately, if your credit card has genuinely been stolen (not simply lost) you should consider reporting this to the police. Credit card fraud costs millions of pounds every year and everything we can do to help fight this crime should be done.

Did You Know..

  • The UK accounts for around 73% of Europes credit card market.
  • Almost 100 million debit cards are in circulation as of November 2015.
  • Of these, 54.1 million cards were contactless.
  • Every year in excess of £13bn is spent in the UK using credit cards.
  • There are around 60 million credit cards currently in circulation in the UK.
  • It is estimated that over 85% of UK customers have at least one store loyalty or reward card