About Us

Lost-Cards.co.uk are a independent phone directory service providing quick and easy way of people reporting their credit, debit and store cards as lost.banking

We understand that when you lose your card, one of the fastest ways to report your card as being lost or stolen is to phone the card provider. We also understand that there are some situation when you might need to be able to prove you called and reported the card as being lost.

Having independent 3rd party call records can be extremely helpful if the call needs to be proved.

By calling one of our dedicated 0843 numbers, all calls are logged and you can request your call details for free.

We do not work for any credit or debit card provider, which means we are able to offer completely independent call logs and tracking details.

If you would like to record your call, please contact us prior to the call being made and we will be able to arrange for a recording of the call to be made and sent to you via email (as a MP3 file) for you to keep forever.